January 2009


DIRECTOR: Naotaka Hiro & Sid M. Duenas
CAMERA: Naotaka Hiro
14 MIN. 34 SEC./ COLOR/ DVD/ SOUND/ 2008

This project began with Naotaka Hiro's interest in his friend, Sid M. Duenas' native island of Saipan \ specifically the involvement of Hiro's native Japan and the United States \ during the Pacific battles of World War II. This interest led both artists to travel from their residence in the U.S. to Japan, and later, Saipan.

The result of their collaboration is a four-part video series of site-specific footage, beginning and ending at historically relevant locations on Saipan. Each combines the camera-work of Hiro, and Duenas' writing and speech.

The footage consists of unedited, single takes, varying in length from 9 to14 minutes. Each begins with the stationary actions of Duenas. Eventually, Hiro's camera recedes into the distance, away from the speaker, exploring and engaging with the environment. While at times swimming in the ocean, or meandering through jungle terrain, the camera's focus remains on the speaker, Duenas. His voice remains audible throughout the video despite the distance created by the moving camera.

The words spoken in the video are derived from descriptive texts that were written on-location. These accounts became the direct source for the improvised speech that accompanies the video. The texts serve as visual and aural accounts of each site.


Exhibition Dates: January 31 | February 28, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 31, 2009; 6 | 9PM

Da`iShe`ng Fa`nDia`n (吷ѓX)
45 Goblin Market Street, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu
Seoul, Korea 140-895


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